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Contact Type Smoke Detector Sensor for 110-VAC with Battery Backup

Smoke Detection

The Smoke Detector with battery backup and built-in relay utilizes a photoelectric sensing method and is designed for use in commercial and residential applications. The detector features two sets of dry alarm contacts: one form-A SPST and one form-C SPDT. The detector has tandem interconnect capability allowing up to 12 devices to be connected together. A 85dBA audible horn is included. The smoke detector can be used with all Sensaphone models.

Contact Type Smoke Detector Sensor for 110-VAC with Battery Backup

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  • Product Features

    • 110 VAC with battery back-up

    • Photoelectric smoke sensing technology

    • Horn frequency 3100 Hz (nominal)

    • Temporal 3 evacuation piezo horn

    • Nominal 2.5% sensitivity

    • Push button self test feature, verifies power sources/operation

    • Push and hold button functional test feature, analyzes sensing chamber

    • Optional Auxiliary Form A/Form C relay contacts (F model)

    • Relay contacts operate when on battery back-up

    • Quick-disconnect wiring harness

    • DUALINK® - tandem with all Gentex tandem capable alarms

    • Non-latching (self restoring) alarm

    • LED for AC power on

    • Red LED pulses every 30 seconds, green

    • Solid state red LED to indicate smoke presence

    • Smoke sensing chamber is fully insect screened

    • Mounting hardware adapts to standard junction boxes

    • Dust cover to prevent particle contamination during installation

    • Low or missing battery indicator

    • One year warranty from date of purchase

    • Connect up to twelve smoke detector sensors to one Sensaphone input

  • Tech Specs

    Operating Temperature 40° to 100°F | 4° to 37°C
    Operating Voltage 110VAC, 60Hz
    Operating Current 0.045 amps
    Dimensions 6.25 diameter x 1.8 | 72mm x 40mm
    Operating Current (Relay Options) 0.070 amps
    Alarm Horn Rating Meets or exceeds 85dBA at 10’
    Nominal Sensitivity 2.5% obscuration
    “F” Auxiliary Relay 1 Form A and 1 Form C (0.6 amp)
    Secondary Power Source Alkaline 9V battery, Duracell® MN 1604
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