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Dual Setback Thermostat

Control the temperature between two set points



  • For use exclusively with the Sensaphone 400 and 800, this is a "setback" thermostat with an LCD readout. It lets you enter the desired setpoint for both your "away" and "home" temperatures. A control signal, sent from your Sensaphone, switches between these two settings.



  • For use with Sensaphone 400/800
  • Use a Sensaphone 400 or 800 to switch the thermostat's setpoint between a home or away setting

Dual Setback Thermostat

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  • Tech Specs

    Power Supply 2 AA alkaline batteries
    Maximum Load 1.5 A / 30 VAC per output
    Number of Programs 4 programs per day, 28 programs
    Heat Setting Range 40 to 85F | 5 to 30C
    A/C Setting Range 60 to 105F | 16 to 40C
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