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Redetc fire suppression system

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Putting fire protection where it counts

19” Rack Mount Fire Protection Solutions

Redetec is the leading rack mount fire protection solution in the global market today. The Redetec product protects computer racks and critical equipment from the risk of fire and subsequent downtime.

Designed and manufactured by fire & security professionals in UK.


The traditional method of protecting IT and electronic equipment from fire is to completely flood the communications room with a gaseous fire extinguishing agent. While adequate in many cases, there are instances where faster, more responsive fire detection is necessary to secure the company's high-value and mission-critical assets. Companies also prefer to use extinguishing gas with greater caution and in smaller quantities, demonstrating a more responsible environmental strategy while also reducing project costs.

Redetec provides fire detection and extinguishant release within the protected enclosure, where a fire can be detected early and where fire extinguishants can be deployed directly.



Point Type
Redetec has point type detectors for static and low airflows. Accurate and reliable, these smoke detectors are perfect for the majority of Redetec applications.

Designed for Redetec in high airflow computer server rack applications. Higher sensitivity smoke detection for earlier detection of fire. Well proven, extensively specified and extremely reliable.

OD-RED - Optical Smoke Detector_edited.p
  • Fire Protection Where It Counts: Faster detection and fire suppression of high value equipment within individual racks 

  • Environmentallly Responsible Company Strategy:  Using minimal amount of extinguishing agent

  • Compact Design:  Taking only 2U x 19″ of space within each rack

  • Cost Effective Solutions: Installation, commissioning, and maintenance costs are reduced

  • No Building Facade Alteration: Redetec is a low pressure system that discharges only 1.2-2.4kg of extinguishing agent into each rack

  • Constant Monitoring: It does not need to be isolated during working hours or while server rooms are occupied



  • Fully self-contained fire detection & suppression system

  • Additional environmental control capabilities

  • Compact design, 2U x 19″ chassis mounting

  • Local/remote audio/visual condition monitoring & control

  • Monitored alarm/fault circuits

  • Visual alarm & fault status indications

  • Point-type or air sampling smoke detection

  • Single or coincident alarm

  • Choice of gaseous extinguishing agents

  • Selectable gas release delay

  • Up to 12 hour battery back-up

  • Fan/power shutdown control

  • IT/BMS data output

  • EMC tested/CE mark tested


HFC227ea (FM200)
A proven and reliable chemical fire extinguishing gas with zero ozone depletion characteristics.

HFC227ea has a long and illustrious pedigree in providing safe, effective & reliable fire protection for computer room applications, without causing damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Redetec has adapted the room protection properties of HFC227ea into Redetec mounted extinguishant bottles, each capable of protecting 1.5m3 rack enclosure space. Up to two HFC227ea bottles can be mounted within each Redetec, giving 3.0m3 volume protection. Additional extinguishant protection can be mounted in further enclosures, controlled and initiated via Redetec.

An environmentally friendly extinguishing gas with application characteristics similar to other chemical suppression gases.

Redetec uses FK-5-1-12 as an advanced Halon replacement chemical agent for fire extinguishing. FK-5-1-12 combines low toxicity with high fire extinguishing efficiency. FK-5-1-12 has zero Ozone Depletion Potential together with a global warming potential of 1 on the IPCC scale. This means that has less environmental impact than other chemical extinguishing agents available.

Redetec gas cylinder - fire suppression


Redetec rack enclosure and cabinet fire protection systems are designed to suit a range of applications, whether 19″ rack mounted or otherwise. Each Redetec unit comprises a complete fire detection and suppression solution, managed by our own internal controller. Designed to comply with recognised fire detection and control design standards, Redetec features include fully supervised* detection and release circuits, abort, hold, low pressure and gas released inputs and outputs.

Redetec provides fan tray power and automatic shutdown/reinstatement after release for air conditioning units (max 8A load). 

  • Complete rack/cabinet fire solution

  • Close protection for high value assets & critical operations

  • Faster response to in-cabinet fire incidents

  • 24/7 running, no daytime lock-off

  • Requires little to no fire engineering design, installation cost or floor space

  • Reduced extinguishing gas requirement/maintenance costs

  • Contributes to responsible environmental emissions policy

  • And by distributing protection within cabinets, improves cost effectiveness of fire safety policy

  • Redetec is transportable, it moves with the cabinet

  • Redetec can be extended and networked

  • Communication links to IT networks/BMS

  • SNMP/Web enabled for greater integration/management control

  • Improved control & security integration with main building systems


Industries & Applications​

Redetec is a 19″ rack-based fire suppression solution designed for the IT and Telecommunications industries but equally applicable for all other industry sectors. Redetec’s key advantages lie in its ability to deliver fire protection from within equipment racks, where the loss of high value assets and data due to fire is at its greatest.​

If you’d like more information about Redetec, get in touch today.

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