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Protect Valuable Property or Equipment That Is Environmentally Sensitive

Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

If you have something important at a remote site, then you need a SENSAPHONE to watch it for you.


Sensaphone® provides innovative remote environmental monitoring systems and early detection products​, that issues immediate alerts to problems threatening your facilities.​ 

Sensaphone® systems provide an extra layer of protection 24/7, instantly notifying you of changes in temperature, equipment status and other critical conditions. Alerts can be sent straight to your mobile device – keeping you updated and giving you peace of mind.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Cloud-Based Monitoring for
Digital & Analog Inputs

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Sensaphone’s cloud-based monitoring system Sentinel allows you to monitor remote facilities and environments and check critical conditions of your climate-sensitive commodities. Alerts can be sent straight to your mobile device—keeping you updated and giving you peace of mind wherever you are so you can remain focused on business as usual.

Auto Dialer Temperature Alarm

Sensaphone 400 and 800.png

The Sensaphone 400 & Sensaphone 800 Monitoring Systems offer small-business owners and other property managers an easy and inexpensive way to monitor a remote facility.


Previously called "auto dialers," these systems notify you if they sense undesirable temperatures or other conditions.

Affordable Web-Based Monitoring

The Sensaphone WEB600 Remote Monitoring System is a low-cost monitoring solution and data logger for smaller scale applications such as a computer room.

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Cloud-Based Environmental Monitoring
Convenient Web-Based Management


Connect up to 12 sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, power failure, water leak detection, tank levels, equipment failure and more.


Once the sensors are connected, connect the Sentinel to the internet or activate the cellular service.


Your Sentinel instantly begins monitoring and collecting data.


Log in to and create a free account to access, program and view real-time data from your Sentinel.


Need to know when something is wrong? The Sentinel can call, text or email alarms to an unlimited number of contacts.


A flexible alarm delivery system allows unlimited customization that includes different users and alarm destinations.


Are you responsible for keeping tabs on your application? Do you need proof that everything was okay? No problem.


Enhanced data logging capabilities allow users to print, graph or export accurate historical records.


Away on vacation? At the beach for the weekend? Check on your system by using the Sentinel app or logging into your account from any mobile device.


Get access to real-time data anywhere,

Mobile App

Monitor Your Environment Anywhere, Anytime

The cloud-based Sentinel allows you to monitor remote facilities and environments. Check the status of critical equipment with the same degree of certainty you’ve come to expect from Sensaphone.

Sentinel offers immediate access to your readings. Monitor your environment from anywhere using a simple, powerful web-based interface and mobile app. If there’s a disruption, you’ll be the first to know. Alerts can be sent straight to your mobile device—keeping you updated and giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

With the Sentinel mobile app, it’s quick and easy to:

  • Check the real-time status of your system

  • Acknowledge alarms

  • Make programming changes


Mobile app available for Android and iPhone


Industries & Applications​

Sensaphone products are designed to help you watch over a remote facility. Our range of Sensaphone solutions can instantly inform you when conditions are less than perfect, plus you can check on the status at anytime. Sensaphone is the leader in remote monitoring with over 30 years in business and over 400,000 installed systems worldwide. Increasing efficiency in operation by ensuring facility stability.

If you’d like more information about Sensaphone, get in touch today.

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