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Sensaphone WEB600 Remote Monitoring System

Product: Sensaphone WEB600

Type: Web-Based Monitoring System and Data Logging



  • Easy, cost-effective, network-based monitoring system to notify you when equipment or conditions go awry; ideal for smaller-scale applications such as a computer room
  • Monitor temperatures ranging from -109 to 168F as well as humidity, air quality, water detection, and more; making it an ideal candidate for food and medical storage
  • The WEB600 website allows system users to make programming changes, access status conditions, and review data logs online through any web-enabled PC



The unit can read status from six digital or analog sensors including on/off status, open/closed conditions, actual temperatures, and real-time values such as tank levels, air pressure, voltage or flow rates. The system has a temperature sensing range of -109 to 168F making it the ideal solution for food storage, medical storage, and other temperature-sensitive areas.



Advanced data logging records up to 100,000 samples including data, date, and time. An included relay output capable of low-voltage switching can trigger lights, sirens, or other devices when required. System LEDs keep users aware of alarm status, power status, and Ethernet connection strength.



In the event of an alarm, the system can notify as many as eight people by e-mail, text message or SNMP trap. The device allows 8 profiles with 4 contacts per profile.


Suggested Applications:

  • Residential - Know that the temperature, humidity, or otherconditions in your home are okay while you’reaway.
  • Small Computer Room - Use your WEB600 to monitor temperature, power failure and other conditions that are critical in many computer room applications
  • Ultra Low Cold Storage - Don’t wait until the morning to fi nd out your freezer has stopped running. The WEB600 will e–mail as soon as the temperature rises above a temperature you set


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Sensaphone WEB600 Remote Monitoring System for 110VAC

  • Currency: US Dollar - USD ($)

    The price do not include shipping charges, other taxes, and duties.

  • Product Features

    • Power - Comes with a plug in power supply that also monitors for power failures
    • LEDs - WEB600 LED lights give a quick visual status
    • Output - Switch on a light or horn to alert anyone nearby there’s a problem
    • Inputs - Accept six different inputs from a wide variety of sensors (temperature, humidity)
    • Battery Backup* - Rest easy knowing thateven if the power goes out,the WEB600 will keep monitoring. *Sold separately
    • Ethernet - Receive an e–mail or text message** when an alarm has been detected. Or check the status on the WEB600’s web page. **Also delivers alarm messages through SNMP and Modbus
    • Web Services - Program, adjust and monitor the status of the sensors on a webpage the WEB600 creates
    • Optional: External rechargeable battery-backup system provides two hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of power outage
    • Included: Power failure monitoring 
  • Tech Specs

    Communication Method


    Number of Inputs

    Input Types Contact, 2.8K, 10K, 4-20mA

    Temperature Sensing Range

    -109 to 168F | -85 to 76C
    Remote Access Website to access status and programming
    Local Access LEDs for Alarm Status, Power Status, and Ethernet link

    Alarm Notification

    • 32 alarm destinations - any combination of e-mail, email-to-text message, or SNMP traps
    • 8 alarm escalation levels with comprehensive scheduling per input profile and alarm destination
    Power Supply
    • Plug in power supply also monitors for power failures
    • Optional battery backup (required for power failure monitoring)
    Data Logging 100,000 samples (include data, date and time)


    5.5 x 3.25 x 1.25" | 140 x 83 x 32mm .5lbs | .22k


  • Item Number


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