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Redetec with Point Detection: HFC-227EA suppression for 3.0m³


Redetec 3.0m³ Specs:

  • 3.0 cubic metre HFC-227EA (FM-200) flood capability
  • Designed to fit in cabinet depths of between 600mm and 1400mm
  • Point type optical smoke detection
  • Pressure gauge indication of bottle fill condition
  • Low gas pressure output warning
  • External connections for fire control coverage of additional areas Volt-free contact outputs for 1st and 2nd stage alarms
  • Volt-free contacts for system fault conditions
  • Selectable coincidence or single activation mode
  • Fan/cabinet/Server control power and shutdown can be controlled by Redetec

Redetec PF/RED/3.0

  • The prices do not include shipping charges, other taxes, and duties.