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Sensaphone IMS-1000E Single Room Remote Monitoring Solution


Use your IMS-1000 to monitor temperature, power failure, and other environmental and security conditions that are critical in many data applications. 

Easy to use – everyday 
The Sensaphone IMS-1000 is so easy to use that just about anyone can figure it out. If not, we offer free tech support to walk you through it.   We’ve got a sensor for that  Sensaphone has a sensor for monitoring everything from climate conditions to security and more.  

Your business is our business 
With over 350,000 systems  installed worldwide, we’ve put Sensaphone to the test in just about every application imaginable. 

Features and Specifications: 
Add redundancy to your system by using the IMS-1000’s phone line to make phone call alarms in the event of a network failure.   

Backup Rest easy knowing that even if the power goes out, the IMS-1000 will keep monitoring. LEDs Know everything is okay by simply looking at the IMS-1000. 

Receive an e–mail or text message when an alarm has been detected. Or check the IMS-1000’s website to view current status.   

Monitor up to eight different environmental conditions. A list of popular sensors and accessories is listed below.. 

Switch on a light or horn to alert anyone nearby there’s a problem.

Web Services
Easily manage the IMS-1000 with the included software package.

Program, adjust and monitor the status of the sensors on the IMS-1000’s web page.

Sensaphone IMS-1000 (Single Room)